Jaya Musical GroupJaya is a Madison, WI based group of musicians known for their subtle, uplifting blend of voice, guitar, harmonium, dulcimer, and percussion. Their members, Velga Dunis (Vanii), Sumner Matteson (Surya Prakash), Jim Powell (Jinaneshvar) and Beth Wortzel (Sadhana) met through Ananda Marga of Madison and began playing together informally at meditation circles, retreats and weddings. In 1986 they decided to produce their first album. It was at that time that they chose the name, JAYA, which means spiritual victory. They have produced 8 more albums since then. They lead kirtan regularly at various locations in Madison and hold concerts of their original songs and chants. Jaya's music has been influenced by folk music and Eastern devotional chants, but can not be described by either of these.